Lambert Family Adventure Tours

Adventure venture

Matthew and Heather Lambert own and operate their whale and wildlife tour business on beautiful Grand Manan island in New Brunswick. Their tours are unique and personal. Guests are out visiting whales in less than 15 minutes!

In their first year, bookings exploded. They soon realized they needed a way to manage orders online and a professional branding system to stand out from the competition. 

The first step was developing an identity which could work with many mediums. These included staff apparel, social media accounts and website, signage and promotional cards.

Along with the logo, a family of icons were designed to work on their own or alongside the main identity.

The icons were also used in a pattern. When used with the new colour palette, original photography commissioned by Heather and Matt, the new branding has a lot of flexibility.

The website was developed on the Shopify platform. Features include online bookings, group rates, specials and gift cards.