Développement économique Canada pour les régions du Québec

Flexible style

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) provides funding and support to Quebec businesses and regions.

In 2019 they wanted a new, modern design language to use across all of their internal and external communications. The mandate was to develop a visual which would be unique and extremely flexible, as it would need to scale to many pieces, existing and to come.

The symbol represents a grouping of parts coming together to form a larger unit.

A bright colour palette was developed so in the CED team would have options when building reports, presentations and other communication pieces.

To compliment the new branding, a family of icons were created. They needed to be clear and work with the new palette and at different sizes without loosing their meaning.

Once the new branding system was established and tested, the CED requested a thorough branding guide to allow the team to build consistent looking pieces.